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When oils aren't just oils...


Banaban Sachets just made life much easier!

Nature Pacific is a dynamic and innovative company situated on the Gold Coast Australia and is committed to bringing new product ideas into the market. The company was established in 2004 and became Australia’s market leader in the virgin coconut oil industry with the development and success of their Banaban brand.


Coconuts are now proving a unique multi-faceted resource that has been traditionally harvested for centuries and now Nature Pacific is working on developing this natural product to a totally new level.

Over the past 12-18 months virgin coconut oil has become a No.1 lead product for the various supermarket chains as it now becomes a well-known and sought after product. While the supermarkets have marketed it as a grocery line found on shelves in health, organic, cooking oils and Asian food sections Nature Pacific has put a major effort into the medical and food research areas.

Virgin Coconut Oil is far more than a food commodity with the product now being used to enhance sports performance, baby care (with recent clinical trials in West Australia and the subsequent introduction of Banaban Baby Oil as a protocol for Preterm infants), body, skin and hair care. Nature Pacific even produces a Pet range of coconut food and skin products that are also exported to Asia.

With the results of recent research and clinical trials Nature Pacific has launched a totally new and convenient delivery format with the introduction of individual 1 tablespoon serve sachets. 

This opens this popular product to a whole new market moving away from jars of oil sitting on supermarket and health store shelves to an easy and affordable snack and travel pack option.

Nature Pacific believes their new Healthy Snack Travel Packs are perfect for a much broader market based on:

  • convenience

  • affordability

  • versatility

Soon Banaban Healthy Snack Travel Packs will be available across a broad spectrum of retails outlets including convenience stores, airport outlets, service stations, gyms, chemists and sports stores.

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