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Coconut Will Travel


Are you a huge coconut fan who can't leave home without your jar of oil packed in your suitcase? Are you sick of leaking oil that loves finding its way all over your possessions? Do you open your suitcase and wait in anticipation as the rich aroma of escaped coconuts attacks your senses?

Maybe you are the type that is absolutely coconut addicted. You can't get out of the shower without covering yourself in coconut oil from head to toe. Or do you have all your culinary masterpieces swimming in coconut oil?

Maybe you have one of those very 'out there' and 'with it' dentists that has sent you home with instructions on 'oil pulling'. Oh yes, he has also come coconut spell.

Okay, we have established you are a No.1 Coconut Fan... and yes we know you now have all your family members, including the fur babies either totally converted or dodging for cover every time you set down your latest coconut inspired 'Going Coconut's' creation.

Well we have just made your life much easier... Banaban Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Sachets are now here.

No more having to pack your jar and spoon in the families gym and sports bags. We have made it so easy that you don't even have to measure your 1 tablespoon servings to get your daily dose of coconut joy.

No more having to melt your solid coconut oil that has set solid as the temperature drops over night. Just a loving rub or caress of your Banaban Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Sachets, depending on your mood and just like magic your oil is ready to drink straight from the pack.

At last coconut oil has become a true global citizen with our new Banaban Healthy Snack Travel packs. Coming in under the 100 gram 'Carry On' limit you can have a reviving coconut bath while you clock up the frequent flyer miles and let your fellow passengers enjoy that rich coconutty aroma.

Ahhhhhh yes... the new age of Coconut Will Travel has finally arrived!



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