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Young Organic Leader (Under 30) Gold Winner Brynley King 

Congratulations Nature Pacific Creative Director - Brynley King for winning Gold as Young Leader at the Australian Organic Awards 2015

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The CEO Magazine May 2015
Rebuilding A Community 

Nature Pacific is using the humble coconut to build a future for the forgotten people of the Pacific - the Banabans.


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Coconuts making a difference in the Pacific

Coconut oil business making a difference in Pacific

Updated Thu 1 May 2014, 1:24am AEST

A Banaban Islander and his Australian wife have built a company offering work for many Banabans, and it's all due to coconut oil.

Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney

Source: The World | Duration: 4min 59sec

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Gold Coast Channel Nine News - Sports news 27 April 2015

Fiji Bati Rugby League Team Welcomed by Nature Pacific Australia

Nature Pacific hosted a lunch for the Fiji Bati Rugby League team when they arrived in Australia for a weeks competition. 


Going Coconuts By Brynley King

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Brynley King of Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil on Her New Cookbook - Going Coconuts

That Paleo Show -  5 Sept 2014

PODCAST: Interview with today's guest Brynley King about her new Coconut Cookbook and Paleo diet

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GRIND - Zarraffas Coffee magazine 

Tree of Life 

Coconut oil offers new hope to a forgotten community in Fiji featuring Ken & Stacey's story

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Multi-million dollar coconut oil industry benefits tiny Pacific island community

Australia Network News 1 May 2014

Decades after phosphate mining all but destroyed the tropical island of Banabas, a coconut oil company is achieving undreamt of success that is benefiting the local community.


Coconut oil business making a difference in Pacific

Updated Wed 30 Apr 2014, 8:37pm AEST

Banaban Islander Ken Sigrah and his wife Stacey King run a joint Australian-Fiji coconut oil business that's providing jobs and making a difference in indigenous communities in the Pacific.

Sean Dorney

Source: ABC News | Duration: 2min 2sec

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