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Banaban Nourish Virgin Coconut Oil Powder involved in 3 years Functional Food Study focused on improving the health of the elderly

Queensland Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch announced University of Southern Queensland researcher, Dr Sunil Panchal will share in $480,000 funding through the Advance Queensland Research Fellowship program.

“This funding will support research projects to deliver a range of benefits to industry and the community, including increased energy efficiency, better environmental management and healthier diets for older people,” Ms Enoch said.

“This project has strong industry partners that have the potential to cascade through the primary industries and health sectors nationally to deliver real world results.”

Speaking at an Advance Queensland Regional Forum held in Toowoomba today, Ms Enoch congratulated Dr Panchal who has been awarded an early career Research Fellowship – $180,000 over three years – to develop dietary guidelines and products for older people to help them stay healthier for longer.

He will partner with Nature Pacific Pty Ltd, Gold Coast, Australia who will provide coconut-based raw materials required for this project and provide their commercial kitchen at their main office at Varsity Lakes, QLD. Initial products developed with Nature Pacific will be further developed in Winnipeg, Canada with our collaborators at Food Development Centre, with initial human trials and testing carried out at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals.

Other project partners include Nutrafruit Pty Ltd, Brisbane Australia who are the only growers and suppliers of juice from the unique Queensland developed - Queen Garnet plum.

Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network, Winnipeg, Canada will be involved in designing new functional food products based on these raw materials with the potential to treat chronic, age-related health complications. 


Dr Sunil Panchal University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba Australia


Dr. Panchal stated, “Our previous studies with Nature Pacific Pty Ltd have identified that ‘Nourish’, a protein and fibre-rich coconut product, increased muscle mass and bone mineral content.

Similarly, Nutrafruit Pty Ltd produces Queen Garnet plum juice which suppressed inflammation-induced metabolic, cardiovascular and liver changes in a validated animal model. Final commercial products for clinical testing will then be prepared at the Nature Pacific facilities.”


The final stage of the project will be clinical trials to be carried out at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba and results from both Canada and Australia trials will be interpreted with the results published in international journals and final products provided to Nature Pacific Pty Ltd and Nutrafruit Pty Ltd for further marketing and consideration for patenting.

“Our elderly citizens provide our state and nation with a wealth of skills, knowledge, wisdom and capacity for mentorship – my project will aim to develop a range of affordable food products for older people to help them keep chronic age-related complaints such as weaker bones, weaker muscles, cardiovascular problems and diabetes at bay,” he said. 

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